Exploiting Plastic Inevitable
Lesson 1: World Wildlife Soundation
Side 1 (Smoking Side)

1 Dr. West's Medicine Show And Junk Band
2 The Rabbits
   I'm Looking In The Universe
3 Mogollar
   Hard Work
4 The Cool Cats
5 The Cedars
   For Your Information
6 Los Walkers
7 Sir Henry And His Butlers
   Pretty Style
8 Los Yorks
   Mira Tu

Side 2 (Drinking Side)

Shorty And Them 1
The Guess Who 2
Clock On TheWall    
Danny Diaz And The Checkmates 3
She's So Fine    
The Countdowns 4
Far Away    
Los Sirex 5
Yo Grito    
 The Rhythm Checkers  6
Cause I Need You    
The Seasons 7
We Are Happy    
The Moonjacks  8
You Don't Love Me At All    
The Tempters  9
Boom Boom