Rasta from Shanty Town, but their playground was the Plaka. A bone melting R & B stomper about this torturing paradoxon that haunts us all, now and then. (Yazou,Thanos)
Austria must have been a nice place for all those drug crazed loonies that felt the need to express the affection for illegal substances musically (Remember "Hypodermic Needle" by Novak's Kapelle?). Knowing that authorities and executives had a hard time trying to count to 3 in a foreign tongue, Hide & Seek (Austria) push it to the limit. Just imagine them rolling around on the floor of the studio, crying "I Need Stuff!" And they made another 3 singles later on Tu felix Austria!
Similar situation in Chile. "Que Importa El Tiempo", they harmlessly subtitled their invitation to drop some exotic narcotic. Please excuse the terrible tape-hiss on Los Vidrios Quebrados' vision of Saturday Night Fever 67. Que importa el hifi when you can't find a proper copy of this little gem.
Victim of a legal, but fatal drug is Mrs. Turple with the purple nose. Netherlands' Rob De Neys (spelled De Nijs behind the dykes) still is one of the best known "entertainers" in Holland. Mutated to some kind of Engelbert meanwhile, he's been in the business for some 30 years. Second only to the UK, the Dutch scene has been well and extensively documented by reliable experts of the genre. They all agree on calling poor Rob's early attempts rubbish. So who are we to call this one a