Within a week a northern station found out what kind of tools were used and expelling plastic was inevitable. Without Selket, Ramases went on to record more esoteric - less daring - space hymns for Vertigo.
Europe's most difficult language causes random guess, but our Magyar contribution seems to be an anti-war song. The Illes (Hungary) used to be something like the Hungarian surrogate for The Beatles, and in fact, their mellow Danube-Beat changed to tricky studio experimenting between '65 and '69. We've chosen one of The Illes' 1967 singles. Pity they weren't allowed to do their "Sgt. Paprika".
Berry Clan's (Belgium) views of the world stay somewhat enigmatic. On first hearing you'd bet that this one must be from Germany. Thick layers of cheesy organ, wailing fuzz guitar without rhythm, no song structures and an ill-fated Caruso imitator, mumbling non-existant words. Kraut Rock from Belgium.