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In medias res with The Venture 5. They are not the US-band you may know from "Highs In The Mid-60's 13". These 5 had one of those EPs on Tempo consisting of Top 30 Beatcover. Much harder to find is their single on Juke Box Rec. As the debut of The Royal Servants appeared on the same label, they might even be a Swabian band. It took a while until it clicked, but "What's Your Name" is another (most likely) cover. You wonder how they got hold of the original by The (UK) Valkyries and turned a harmless little Beat number into this screaming monster. Bad news for all those greedy collectors who can't find sleep before they own all the Prae-Kraut stuff in original format.Both sides of The Beat-Nicks' record are sensational, but it never was released officially. All that's left is this acetate made at Reuterton, a studio in Euskirchen. Their leader/songwriter was one Rudi Kasten, and that's all we know about one of the most exciting exhumations of the decade. Another incredible discovery are The Mushroams on the PE-label.These hardly are recordings from the Club Lila Eule as the cover states. Tonstudio Isermann, immortalized on the label, obviously was the scene of the crime. But as the Lila Eule (lilac owl) was Bremen's Cavern, The Mushroams probably smelled of fish a bit while