transforms it to a spooky dirge. The oddly named St. James' (see Vol. 9) are back with the other side of their sole single on Star Ton. There's still no reasonable info about these Folk Rockers and they still overexpose their chirpy vocal qualities a bit too much. Knut Kiesewetter was quite a big name and - due to lack of competition - often labeled Germany's best Jazz singer. (This led to much confusion in our young brains and for a while we thought insipid white Gospel is what Jazz is all about). In 67 he smartly decided to go with the flow and released an LP on the smartest of labels (the club of the stars). After a couple of illfated attempts to get in the groove, he succeeds with "Just The Same As Me". A most unlikely choice and note by note just the same arrangement as on the original UK-Freakbeatsters The Southern Sound.