The Skins for example. Loud, proud and primitive. In 1966 CBS recorded the "Beat Contest of the City of Frankfurt" and released one of the few real live-LPs (most others had fake applause). If you've ever heard how the Skins shreddered The Kinks' "INeed You" (in spite of the heavy riff a love song after all) you'll know what a Rock'n'Roll suicide is. No Prize, of course. They probably took hostages hostages. By the end of the year they had the LP "Beat Party Nr. 4" out on that label (Actually a split LP with The Black Points. See below). Among ultra-heavy covers of songs you know from The Troggs, The Pretties and The Small Faces (check "Too Much Monkey Business" 2 and 4), we've found "What To Do", which seems to be an original and The Skins' idea of a ballad.

Here comes yet another bunch of Gentlemen, most probably unconnected to all the others and not the Swiss band from Vol.11. They had two 45's on that famous red label and while three of the tracks don't move me (or anybody), this speedy version of The Sorrows' "Let Me In" kicks ass. Although the original never was a big seller, an astonishing number of versions were in the orbit and it wouldn't make much sense to add another one that tries to hit harder than Don Fardon and comrades: The Gentlemen avoid that pit with a rearrangement of an R&B classic that has POWER POP written all over.