anyone could even consider to press records from tapes as primitive as this one. Hats off!! The sleeve notes tell us that the "documentary character of distorted noise in vibrating walls with extatic screams of female fans" was more important than "hifi-quality". Good one that one, but the obvious problem is a terrible tape hoss produced by a couple of stomping feet to close to a first generation reel-to-reel machine.File under archaelogic artefact.

After decades in the mine you hardly expect to run into a monsterous nugget that no-one has ever heard of before, but that's exactly what happened when we found yet another 7" on that somewhat ceremoniously named label Dr. Binder Dokumentaraufnahmen.The Uniteds (unconnected to The United 5 on Riwo and The United on MPS) easily make the Top 10 of the German Madness charts with "Lucky End". The free form mayhem these loonies produce with sticks and strings defies description, but if Moe Tucker had been around in Lou Reed's Pickwick-days, The Roughnecks might have had a similar sound.

The Poor Things from Mainz soloidly ruined their reputation with two lousy singles on CBS and our hopes were tiny when we found out about their 67 album. And, yes, again the lion's share reminds of the spastic