Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium Vol. 13
Side 1

1 The Rocking Jailmen
2 The Candidates
I'll Cry Instead
3 The Mersey 5
What It's All About
4 Rick Brown & The Hi-Lites
Rock And Roll Machine
5 The Lords
Five Or Six
6 The Countdowns
7 The Black Stars
Lonely Girl
8 The Jay Five & Bill Ramsey
Got A New Direction
9 The Vienna Beatles
Sick And Tired
10 The Tramps
I Do

Side 2

Les Sauterelles 1
She Belongs To Me    
The Flamming Stars 2
Misses Miller   
The Dynamites 3
Right Down    
Vanguards 4
I Know A Girl    
The Robots  5
Someone For Someday    
The Seals 6
Around The World    
The Vampires 7
It's Enough    
The Hards 8
The Knight's Ballad    
The Rhythm Checkers 9
I Can't Dance With You