they sound every bit as good as the undisputed kings of mod soul, The Action. The Image from Wales spent the best part of 66 in Germany, where they recorded two singles that didn’t get a UK-release after three 45’s on Parlophone already had flopped there.

Half German, half British, The All were the remains of Lee Curtis & The All Stars and kept on touring Germany when Lee retired in 66. After a fine, but unsuccessful 7” (see Vol.11), their last signs of life were a couple of live recordings made in Harburg in 1967, which were released by Fontana on the scarce “Live In Concert”-LP, together with other Star Club veterans.”I’m Addicted” is another neat evidence for a flourishing, but hardly documented mod scene in our country and it’s a shame, that The All didn’t get the chance to record it in a studio.

Adam & Eve were Erika Bartova from Prague and John Christian Dee, a sinister mister who is best remembered for his few, but great contributions to British R&B history as the writer of “Don’t Bring Me Down” for The Pretties and “Get Yourself Home” for The Fairies. Phil May once called him a P.J. Proby-copy, but P.J. was a choir boy compared to J.C. What exactly led to overnight emigration to Frankfurt in 66 isn’t exactly clear, but he did it again in 74 after being charged in London for “procurement of