Lots of Jail-Birds flew over Germany, but few ever recorded. The band in question definetely is not the one from Mainz with the “Nobody” 45, but could be an earlier line-up of the Gelsenkirchen band, that released “Jenny, Jenny” on Hansa in 66. Recently not one, but two singles by The Jail-Birds showed up on the tiny Ruhrgebeat label Beat Records. “Baby’s Gone” is a fine example for the transformation phase in the early 60’s, when lots of groups tried to blend their 50’s rock n’roll roots with the then brandnew invasion sound.

Braunschweig (Brunswick) had a vivid scene, but - with the exception of The Black Devils (a.k.a. The Progressives) - very few records handed down to posterity. The King Bees were local heroes there, but also didn’t make it to a proper studio. All that survived is a reel-to-reel rehearsal room tape from 66 that shows the Bees pulling all stops on the driving beat of “No More Lies”. Some sonic drop outs and a little tape his are inevitable, but hardly lessens the pleasure.

Led by drummer Mike Parlor, The Hounds were one of many third division bands in London 64. With a sound more suitable to the Cavern than the Crawdaddy, they hardly found gigs and fled to the promised land