A Prae-Kraut PandaemoniumVol.1 & 2

Teutonic Beats of another kind (1 Beat per 2 minutes) have always been a special addiction to special lunatics. Incredibly rare but comparatively unexplored, you still may stumble over an unexpected jewel and buy it for peanuts. We've been digging our potatoes for the archieves of the Anti-Oblivion-League quite a while. Some of these goodies reappeared in recent years on various compilations. Pebbles did what they could, even Rubbles had The Sub, Orange Peel and Wonderland, cream of the crop however on two volumes of Visions From The Past (highly recommended).

Although some of the weirdest stuff is available again, (or , at least, was), there still must be some hundreds of scratchy 45's out there which we've never heard. We thought that it is about time to put out some rare music from the German Beat Era that can't be found elsewhere. But be aware, this is German music. From brilliant to embarrassing, from charming naivity to full blown freak-out, it's got a typical German claim for seriosness and gravity in common. But then, that's why we like it. What you hold in your hand is a document of time rather than German Nuggets, and some of these ancient epics have their crackling more than in tact. Last warning: This record is absolutely useless except for the very stupid and the very intelligent!