The Renegades were more German than James Last for a while. But be aware, unlike the above mentioned, they were kind of a Jekyll and Hyde-band, totally embarrassing now and then. "Can't You See" was declared B-side to a ridiculous New Vaudeville Band rip-off on the Scandia label.

Another immigrant combo (Liverpool this time) are Casey Jones and The Governors - As German as the Kaiser, believe me! Half the size of the others, Casey was dropped from Cass And The Cassanovas when they changed their name to The Big Three. Casey Jones And The Engineers recorded in England as well as in Germany, but nothing happened. Changing name to the Governors and label from Bellaphon to Golden 12, they released "Don't Ha Ha" and made The Beatles cliff-hanging No.2 for some weeks in Germany. Among an impressive string of hits, they had this one flop "Bumble Bee". The Searchers went nowhere with the same song, although they avoided singing that one in German. (Strange enough, because they often executed their best songs this way) Well, Casey did it. At least he tried. You don't understand the lyrics? Don't worry, neither do we. Kisuaheli or something.

The Prophets - created one of the most loveable slices of Mersey Sound this side of The Rutles on Kerston Records about 1966. They wore trousers you wouldn't touch with a bargepole and must have missed their