101 Strings: A studio orchestra project on the Europa label, trying to make a fast Deutsch-Mark on Flower-Power and Ravi Shankar. Cheap and cheesy with one glorious exception: "Karma Sitar".

Rainy Daze: One of those groups to be found on cheapo albums like "Beat Raketen International" covering a Tremeloes hit or backing an eratz-Engelbert. When their company gave them the one chance to record original material, they had to hide this gem on the back.

The Petards: The Petards are a German Rock legend, their 4 (maybe 5) albums were rereleased on bear Family and their story can be found elsewhere. One of their best tracks remained undiscovered to this day on a flipside. "Tartarex" is a good example for desperate efforts to turn from Beat to "Underground".

The Riats: his one is a sleeper, growing year to year. The way they sing, The Riats sound rather Dutch than German, but anyway, "One More Parade" is a marvelous piece of Folk Rock, treating Phil Ochs' classic with deserved respect. It's credited to one Philip Ox on the label. Mouth to mouth, those were the days, my friends...