Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium vol 3
"Kraut Pleasers"
Side 1

1 The Rebbels
   Round The World
2 Fifth Dead
   Devil King
3 The King-Beats
   Hear What I Say
4 The Rocking Stars
   Flames Of Love
5 The Magic Herbs
   Still Hoping You Might Come Back Home
6 Daisy Clan
   Glory Be
7 Cherry Stones
What's The Matter Baby
8 The Gents Inc.
   Gettin' The Blues
9 unknown
   Mystery Track

Side 2

Les Copains 1
I'm So Lonely  
Chosen Few 2
One Day Before  
The Blizzards 3
Hab' Keine Lust Heut Aufzustehn   
The Loosers 4
The Wild Cats 5
All Right  
The Kentuckys 6
Old Hangman Is Dead  
The Sevens 7
Love Of A Bird  
The Dukes 8
I'm An Unskilled Worker   
The J.P.'s 9
The War