Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium vol 4
"I'm Your Guy!"
Side 1

1 Novak's Kapelle
Smile Please
2 The Guards
3 Antoine
Der Krieg
4 Cherry Stones
The Things She Says
5 Lord Knud
I'm Your Guy
6 Les Copains
Give Your Love To Me
7 The Newcomers
Have You Seen My Baby Coming
8 The Blizzards
   I'm Your Guy
9 Die Meatles
Praeschdlingsaegger Fuer Emmer

Side 2

The Dukes 1
The Dentist   
Charles Ryders Corporation 2
White Flames   
The Sorcerers 3
With You   
The Details 4
What Shall I Do   
The Sonics 5
Hitch Hike   
Ronald Patrick Guttridge 6
Schlagendes Herz   
The Slaves 7
John Hamilton Band 8
Light-Winged Smoke   
The Ringleaders 9
This World Could Be A Beauty