Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium vol 5
"So I must Say That It's Hard To Say"
Side 1

1 The Monks
I Can't Get Over You
2 The Pralins
Jumpin' Run
3 Proud Flesh
Price Of Misery
4 Shamrocks
Shame Shame Shame
5 Jo Hamann
Wild Woman
6 Thrice Mice
An Invitation
7 The Angels
She's So Far Away
8 The Five Dops
She's Out Of My Mind
9 The German Of The Bored
Wieder Auf Der Gass'

Side 2

The Five Torquays 1
There She Walks   
The Echo-Sounds 2
Too Late Now   
The Hounds 3
All I Want Is You   
The Beatmakers 4
My Situation   
Team 4 5
Ich Zeig' Den Weg   
The Matadors 6
Hate Everything Except Of Hatter   
The Electric Frogs 7
The Speeders 8
No More Waiting