Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium vol 6
"Dedicated To Pauline Sensefreng"
Side 1

1 The Electric Frogs
   Tribute To Brian Jones
2 The Generations
We've Gotta Move Out
3 The Toxic
Horse And Director
4 The Rainbows
Sloopy Poopy
5 Bill Soap & The Dirties
A Life Like A Hound
6 The Sevens
My Mother
7 The Cave Dwellers
I Need You
8 Team Beats Berlin
Ring Dang Doo
9 The Blackbirds
Long Tall Dorothee

Side 2

The Monks 1
The Beat Stones 2
Ibn Dibn Dab   
The Vampires 3
New Love   
The Rhythm Checkers 4
On Your Way Down The Drain   
The Retreads 5
Funny Things   
The Rattles 6
Tell Me What Can I Do   
The Magic Herbs 7
There'll Come The Day   
The Slyboots 8
I Feel So Good   
The Kents 9
Morgen Kann Die Welt Vernichtet Sein