Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium vol. 7
Side 1

1 The Beathovens
   Blow-Up Machine
2 The Cave Dwellers
   Working On A Tsching-Tschang
3 The Robots
4 Team Beats
   Sweety Beaty Baby
5 The Toxic
6 The Blizzards
   Be Mine
7 The Road Hogs
   Very Last Day
8 The Rags
   Mr. Cool
9 The Retreads
You You You

Side 2

The Magics 1
Wake Up!   
The Cancers 2
I Got You   
The Moonlights 3
I Should Go Now   
The Loosers 4
The Rhythm Checkers 5
Theme OfThe Rhythm Checkers   
The Petards 6
She Didn't  
The Delegates 7
She's The One   
The We Four 8
The Ricketts 9
My Life