Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium vol. 8
Side 1

1 The Seals
   Stop This War
2 The Starfighters
   I Like Trouble
3 Brains LTD.
   Nobody Can Reach His Aim
4 The Party Brothers
Every Night
5 The Tony Hendrik Five
I've Said My Say
6 The Twangy Guitars
God Is My Life
7 The Silhouettes
Tell Me Baby
8 The High Spirits
Give Me Love
9 The Black Shadows
Motherless Child

Side 2

The Young Society 1
It's War   
The Red Devils 2
Little By Little   
The Eyes 3
A Stitch In Time   
The Fellows 4
My Thought Is Free   
Gary Street 5
Let Me In   
The Slaves 6
Get Out Of My Way   
The Voice 7
Don't Let Me Down   
Lord Crazy & The Safaris 8
Witchy Bitchy Super Eyeball Highball Cocktail   
   Party Hell-Based Ghost-Chased