Night" nowhere ever. (At least we hope so. It's crap)

The Shotguns
The Tonics from Hamburg recorded under many pseudonyms like The Ravers, The Spots, The Movers and - you guessed - The Shotguns. The singer on this Hippo 7" quite obviously is The Tonics' Tony Tornado. Question is, how did they manage to deliver such a fine, tight and raw Mod-version of Jr. Walker's Motown hit, when ll their other recordings sounded as rude as "Mary Had A Little Lamb"? Well, every dog has its day, but a little side-stepping seems to be a better bet. Question stays: who's the band?

The Shamrocks
Old mates from # 5. This UK-group only recorded and released in Germany. The B-side of their non-LP 45, "Midnight Train", sounds like an outtake from their rough Rhythm 'n' Blues days and can be found on Pebbles 18. "Crossbow" on the other side marked the start of a more chart-oriented career that sadly never happened. Call it Mod, call it Freak Beat, call it anything, this song is strong enough to even excuse a little brass fanfare.