stuff, by James Last. (Yes, the guy who did the same with his orchestra Schlock all over the world) Paisley perverts of the world unite!

Thursday's Children
Due to the English sounding names in the writers department, this one-off on the Astoria label usually is thought to be a German only by a British band. If so, they're
quite obviously not the group that recorded two rather tame Soft Beat singles for Piccadilly in '66. The even better A-side of this mouthharp-driven R & B slowburner can be found on "Diggin' For Gold
# 2".

League 66
They're from Amberg/Bavaria. Unknown band on unknown label (APM). Another future case for Holmes and Watson.

The Shaggys
See somewhere up there.

Adam & Eve & The Hush
Adam & Eve were the German equivalent to Sonny & Cher (Slightly different, though. Adam could sing and Eve was in charge with queeky