Hide & Seek
With this name they should be on another fine series... Anyway, you may remember one of Austria's finest from (yet another fine, har, har...) "Exploding Plastic Inevitable #2" and their pretty drastic description of cold turkey "Riven Street". This song to our homeless brothers on the flip completes a record of remarkable social consciousness. Pretty good Folk Rock too and a voice to send shivers down your spine.

The Tortures
From Ludwigsburg. Sam The Sham's Tex Mex-classic gets a straight Neckar Beat treatment and the singer creates a previously unknown language rather
successfully. Most probably he's Little Lord of "I Said Hey"-"fame" (see "Infernal World #2"). He was from Ludwigsburg too and worked with lots of backing bands like The Shatters or The Dynamites.

With all these marvelous (in most cases) compilations popping up like mushrooms after a warm rain, it's getting tougher each day to find new suitable stuff. May take a while, but stay tuned for # 10. We're working
on it.