Vol. 2: Rainy Daze probably are a British band. The record had a German and a UK-release. But these Rainy Daze definitely are not the better known US-band of the same name. The Riats are a Dutch band. The Beatigheimers are German, but this isn't a record from the 60's

Vol. 3: Fith Dead: A German band, but the single was released in 1975. The Cherry Stones: A swedish band, but this single was only released in Germany.

Vol. 4: The Guards: seemingly a British band with a German-only release. "Hullabaloo" was a 7" on the Saba label. Die Meatles: An obvious fake. The story is crap! The song probably was recorded in the 80's. The Sorcerers were a British band with a German-only 7". Ace Kefford was a member.The Sonics: Another British band that recorded and released only in Germany.

Vol. 5: The German Of The Bored: Great name, but another fake. Same band as Meatles.The Echo-Sounds: Came from Scotland, but their records were only released in Germany. The Hounds: from London. For correct story see Prae-Kraut Vol.14.