("The Continent Strikes Back") and we thaught, "well, a handful of great tracks but a lot of fillers, and liner notes full of rubbish." We decided to do a better one. Just about when we had our track list together, we were in for the realisation that someone else had been faster and the absolutely superb volumes 1 and 4 of the "Visions Of The Past" compilation took away half of our nuggets. What remained became volumes 1 and 2 of "Prae-Kraut" and we thaught "that's it." We never dreamed of a volume 3, as we had no idea how to find enough material. But we had started anavalanche. Most of the buyers of our LPs are collectors as well and suddenly we had a lot of offers for swapping, trading or selling, and - best of all - many agreed to send us their stuff to make good tape copies. It's a bit like a family meanwhile and my phone bill is enormous. A strange side effect is, that you have a handful of meanwhile really close friends you've never seen face to face. Anyway, that's how the project still works, although we always find some unexpected pearls at record fairs, flea markets, second hand shops and in auction lists even now, after all these years. I often thought there couldn't be anything left to find and always was wrong (fortunately). The Yahoo label will change its name due to constantly being mixed up with the big Internet server company of the same name. We voted for Lost Continence (now that's what I call a pun!) although we're sure to be misspelled more often than not. Yahoo, meanwhile, is a two-man company. I'm 45, my friend Dr. Mueller is 41. I started to collect