few archaelogists who try to save a part of our history and (sub)culture from oblivion, and I do believe that we were rather important in creating some public interest in this kind of music. Hardly anyone knew or cared about it someyears ago.

So far, you only released artists who originated from the B.R.D. and Austria in the "PKP" series. Did you ever consider compiling a volume with some of the old D.D.R. bands? I know there weren't that many about in comparison, but still...

There were a lot of real good, tough bands, but they hardly were allowed to play, let alone record. All you can find on the (only) D.D.R. label Amiga is stuff like Theo Schumann Combo, Franke-Echo-Quintett, Sputniks (3 mostly instrumental bands in the Ventures vein) and Team 4. We had their best song on volume5! I'd love to get hold of tapes by The Butlers, The Guitar Men, The Devils The Luniks, The Shudders or any other D.D.R. 60s/early 70s band, but so far nothing happened.

Something totally different now: why were the sleeves of "PKP" 1 and 2 so thin?