volume of that kind and the title will be "Obscured By Krauts". The CDs mostly get stated as "No Label". Not true, but admittedly the B.K. is printed very small. It stands for Blumenkraft, the direct (and silly) translation of 'flower power'

There also is the "Electrick Loosers" series.

The story on the "Electrick Loosers" is a different one. The underground telegraph and bush drums work very well in this kind of business and we got wind of the fact that someone was about to bootleg the bootleggers and put our "Prae-Krauts" out on CD. We knew that we couldn't do any thing about it but we found out who it was and offered to do things properly at least. We told the guy what to let away, as we had erroneously put on the LPs a Dutch band (The Riats), an American (Mercy) and - to our shame - all in all four hidden fakes. In return, we wanted to have a handful of free copies. We still don't feel too comfortable with the whole thing but on the other hand it's quite a relief and a second chance for all those people asking us for copies of old volumes. There aren't any and we ourselves will never reprint any of our old stuff. Gone is gone, that's the deal. And we're much fonder of doing new vinyl.

What are your future plans in this direction?