The Cover Art of Prae-Kraut developed a seperate form of life from the very beginning. A case of learning by doing, but - in contrast to eastablished series of 60's compilations - a very ecclectic kind of sleeve conception, that often puzzled the customer more than it helped to sell records. The wonderful, but slowly vanishing format of the LP is a great playground for experimentation. Even people who'd never consider themselves as an artist get a chance for exposure and develop unexpected creative ambitions. The intention wasn't to explain the music inside, but to express yourself by trying to recreate the spirit of the 60's and have a little fun. The only limitation in artistic freedom was a very low budget, which led to some black and white sleeves and a couple of earlier volumes with more than dubious cardboard quality.

After Vol 1 and 2 had been glued together in despair by the founding members of the gang (Dr. Mueller, Tom Darling and The Lolly Pope), a talented young designer called Andrea Duwa stepped in and took over the lion's share of the following covers. Responsible for Volumes 3 to 7, he grew by the task remarkably and came up with both "Exploiting Plastic" sleeves during that prolific period as well. While Duwa helped, a bit, on Nr. 8 and 9, Dr. Mueller and The Lolly Pope felt, that the time would be right to satisfy their own exhibitionistic ego again, but were glad to hand the torch back to Andrea Duwa, who created little masterpieces for volumes 10, 12 and 14. Vol. 11 is the work of Berlin's Garage King Ivan