Exploiting Plastic Inevitable, the bastard son of PKP, wasn't planned, it happened. Collecting weird and wonderful records is not restricted to a certain decade or country. If you dig deep enough, you'll find more exiting and adventurous music in the 40s than in the 90s. But the world wide eruption of teenage creativity, that made it to vinyl in the 60s is unique. After hundreds of American Garage and British Freak-Beat compilations (and a handful of great but puristic samplers filled with young white R&B crusaders from the European continent), the makers of PKP felt that the time was right to introduce the world to a couple of records from exotic countries like Turkey, Israel, Hungary, Singapore, Peru, Japan, etc.The two volumes of EPI were only the tip of the iceberg and featured the personal favourites of a couple of friends with quite different personal tastes at that time. A quite ecclected affair that soon after did not make much sense any more. In the mid-90s you suddenly could buy series made by local collectors, that covered the 60s heritage of their own countries all over the world and nowadays we not only have compilations on all the above mentioned countries, but also such dealing with unlikely places like Cambodia, Bulgaria Hong Kong, Brasil and India. This is the best that could happen, the more the better. But the exploiting idea is not dead, it only slept a while. While waiting for the first Mongolian 60s Garage (or what ever they use there) the PKP-guys are

working on a third volume of "Exploring Plastic Unavailable". This time it will be dedicated to a meanwhile criminally neglected part of the world: The United Kingdom.

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