Attention Shoppers !!! In case you're faint-hearted, narrow-minded, puristicly restricted to musical pigeon-holes (yes, we're talking 60's sound) or HiFi-fanatics: HANDS OFF!
If you're ready, willing and able to take a trip around the world, visiting sleazy garages as well as the temple of Piasley Psych and the palace of madness via Underground - this one's for you!
Les Problemes (France) often backed French "protest"-singer Antoine on his early successes and had a couple of great records on their own. Actually "Dodecaphonie" comes from a Split-EP, featuring both acts separately and together. This isn't one of the rarest records in France, but certainly one of the best, hardly noticed outside la grande nation yet. Les Problemes
never had much in mind with the common boy-meets-girl-lyrics of the day, but praising the delight of 12-tone music on a 2 chord scale... hard to top. If this wettened your appetite, go looking for a wonderful compilation of equally weird French 60's music, called: "Ils sont fous, ces gaulois".
Oh, these Germans! Preaching and teaaching and telling the rest of the world what to do seems to be their main pleasure... Well, as long as they make the kind of noise about it like Brains LTD. (Germany) from the Frankfurt area... "Without courage no progress"!?! Yeah, courageous they were. Check the other half of their entire output on "Prae-Kraut 8".
Adam's Boys from Greece? The singer sounds like some brain-fried