people's songs, the wonderously titled "Dae Du Dae" is the standout. Written by the group's axeman Klaus Schnur, it starts like your average Acid-Blues stuff, just to turn into one of the great lost gems of Free Form Mayhem. Controlled abuse of instruments produces a carpet of joyful noise. Lay back and enjoy it.
Tom Dae's (USA) turned on record has been leaningon the wall for a while. Obviously intended for the fantastic "30 Seconds Before The Calico Wall"-compilation (You'll find a label reproduction there), the time limit demanded the sacrifice of the longest track from the list. (Well, even CD's aren't endless...) Not knowing whether there'll be a third incarnation of this project, we're pleased to give a taste of what you might miss to those who ban the digital spinner from their home.
Listening to Revolver, you'll need 3 times 30 to realize that you might be confronted with Paul McC.'s tribute to Little Richard. We usually avoid cover versions, but the way these guys from Israel break all bones of a Rock'n'Roll monster just to create their own psyche-derelict Frankenstein is stunning.
Ramases & Selket's (UK) first record was the brilliant "Crazy One" b/w "Mind's Eye" in GB. 2 years later, they had the less satisfying "Love You" under the name of Ramases & Seleka. Inbetween, as Ram & Sel , "Screw You" saw the light of day in Germany, and you'll hardly wonder, why no-one even considered a UK-release. But tricks like this only work in Austria.