The Earls released one of the rarest self-distributed 45's from Austria and though most of the Oetzis are called Toni or Peppi...see under Gentlemen, The. The Rags aren't the North Rhine-Westphalian Rags you may know from Vol. 2 and Vol. 7. Their label is Studio Hannover and they recorded there after a 35 miles drive from Goslar. "Sunlight City" is another one of these listeners in a love it- and a hate it-fraction with stuff like this, but that' part of the fun and intended. "Hurt It", The Strangers spell this cryptic punk ballad in sadistic imperative. Grammatically even more adventurous it gets when they start singing: "It has hurted you". Pure dadaistic genius, I'd say. A multitude of Strangers were active in our country and most every city had a band of that name. These here Strangers recorded a 7" for the often underrated Kerston-label and are different from those on Paletten, who again are different from those (pre-King-Beats) Strangers on Decca. After the even better flip of The Beat-Nicks' acetate (see above), you'll find The Major Shouts with the cute B-side of "Gammlin' Girl", misspelled on our Vol. 9 as "Gamblin' Girl" (Remember what a Gammler was?). The Boasters on International were advertised as "Der Sound aus Liverpool" and indeed they copy the zound of the zity good enough to tempt you to believe they might be baptized with Mersey water. But as there's no trace of any Boasters in any British discography, we'll incorporate them till the opposite is proven and give them double passports then. A clear case of