two nationalities are The All with Frank Jarnach and Charly Krueger from Germany and Simon Hind and guitarist Dave Watt from England. (Though the latter seemingly has missed the bus when they recorded their only single for Fontana). They were the last incarnation of Lee Curtis & The All Stars and toured Germany for about half a year in 67 after Lee took the Autobahn to quit the Reeperbahn. Pure-bred Liverpudlians were The Roadrunners. In 63 and 64 long residencies at The Star Club led to various recordings only released in Germany. More about them on Vol. 10. "Little Ruby" is the first of 2 non-LP 45's recorded on location. John Peacock on piano sounds like under the spell of The Killer from Feriday, who caused spontaneous piano combustions at the Club in 64. A similar fate the other way round made The Vampires leave Hamburg after 2 heroic, but remarkably unsuccessful tries to win the annual Battle of the Bands there in 64 and 65. They moved to Spain and released 6 7"s for the Sesion-label. Their whole output consisted of coverversions apart from this 66 EP, which has 4 originals. And, yes, we already used one of them on Vol. 6. Like The Vampires, Little Sparky & The Magpies on Paletten were 4 young lads with a soft spot for the soulful side of R&B. While such tendencies were inspiration for elegant Mod bands like The Action in the UK, the results over here often sounded like cavemen on heavy migraine. Little Sparky's interpretation of Sam & Dave's Memphis Soul classic