seems to be the only problem and a possible reason for their traceless disappearance soon after. They concentrated on Rock'n'Roll standards and B-sides of the newcomers like "Send You Back T Walker" (the flip of the Animals debut) and - our choice - "Come On Back", the tune that garnished the back of The Hollies' "We're Through".

It sounds like 66, but the one and only 45 of The Scavengers from Hannover saw the light of day on the tiny Studio Ton label as late as !968. "Animal Station" is one of these clumsy epics withought the slightest hit potential and a fine example of true Prae-Kraut. Trying to square the circle with weird tempo changes and the stubborn ambition to sound different at any cost, that's what we call significant German virtues (that led to even more adventurous results a little later in bands like Amon Düül or Faust). And why did they call it "Animal Station"? Is this the first sodomistic love song in Rock history? A shepherd waiting for his favourte lamb to arrive with the next train???

The Richard Brothers from Frankfurt were The Marz Brothers Elmar, Ehrhard and Rainer with one actual Richard Ungerath. Hard to say why they had to appear under pseudonym on the CBS LP "Beat Party in Stereo Vol. 2" (1966), as they had three singles on the same label using