their real name, The King_Beats (see Vol. 3). This stunning version of Willie Dixon's Chicago classic is a milestone of German R&B. Many bands have covered "Love To You" since it showed up on The Stones debut LP, but none created such painful tension. They play the verses slower than Muddy Waters and the refrain fasterthan The Shadows of Knight. Brainfried but brilliant.

At first sight, The Hideaways seem to be an odd addition in the context. The sound quality is slightly below our most modest standards and the band reportedly never touched German soil. But - here come the good news - this German -only EP on the EVA label is a minor sensation in vinyl history. Unavailable in record shops, it was a supplement to a book called "Beat in Liverpool", edited by Buechergilde Gutenberg in 1965. The Hideaways, who share the EP with The Clayton Squares, were one of the few R&B bands (as opposed to Merseybeat) in Liverpool. Sure, that style isn't exactly what the city was famous for, but on the popularity scale they were on par with The Roadrunners and The Undertakers and had about as much gigs at The Cavern as The Beatles and more than The Big Three. They obviously had an aversion to travelling and didn't even make it to a studio. These '64 live recordings from the Liverpool Sink Club seem to be all that's left of one of the classic Liverpoodlian groups and I wonder how