LP’s for Tip, the last one in 69, called “Bad, Bad World” didn’t sound much like the Tonics anymore. Subtitled “Ravers Going Underground”, this obviously was a product of the Hamburg cheapo mafia, a bunch of Rattles, German Bonds and Wonderland musicians, who used to make some extra bread with exploitation classics like Hell Preachers Inc. or Bokaj Retsiem. “We’ve Got Too Much” is a typical Herbert Hildebrandt production (Ex-Rattle and somekind of a German Kim Fowley). No one could rip off a Kinks-riff like the Kinks, but The Ravers came close, although brother Ray would have frowned a bit upon using terms like chicken fucker.

The Rocking Jailmen’s nasty girlie-put-down “Over” was one of last volume’s highlights and caused hectic action among collectors. “Give Me A Chance” is another cork screw through your brain from the same Eurex-EP. Sneaking in rather than blowing the door down this time, but the Jailmen manage to do the trick witha sinister ballad just as well.

The Image and their ecological mod anthem “Creation” from Vol.11 was another record that soon showed up on everybody’s want list. On the flip of this Hit-Ton 7” they add a little Stax soul to the mixture and on “Heartaches”