possible) on the back. A one-off in the studio, not surely German, but a winner anyway and no foreign release known.

Nyrvana Pancake: this 69 private pressing (no label) is the closest we'll get to touching the real Kraut Rock. They've been seen a lot in and around Stuttgart, if my memory serves me well...

The Shaggys: came from, well, out of nowhere and went back home after this monumental epic on the R & B label. (R & B stands for whatever you like, definitely not for Rhythm and Blues). If you're looking for a male counterpart to the divine Shaggs (not to be mixed up), you've found it. Breathtaking.

Ric And The Skyliners ('65, Merco Frankfurt) or Rene And The Ten Less Five ('65, Royal Splendid) Hopelessly obscure again (though the Skyliners had 3 more singles), but just as irresistably charming. Hard to say who makes No.1 in our little Kindergarten.

Kaplan Flury's odd ode to Mr. Hendrix is one of the most tasteless records ever made. Not just horrible, it's absolutely discusting and we've complementing him by calling it a record. The Kaplan was a real Reverend