and he gives us hell. A sermon in the crusade against sex and drugs and you know what. Yet we wonder how the guys at "Twisted Village" could shut their eyes to this document of time. It would have been the climax on the indigestible "Stars that play with Dead Jim's Dice"-compilation.

Improved Sound Ltd.: "Leave This Lesbian World" is not another lecture of the Kaplan, as you might suspect.It's the soundtrack of "Hoppe Hoppe Reiter", an ill-bred attempt to cash-in on the success of the "Wilde Reiter G.m.b.H."-movie. Underground placebo.

Improved Sound Ltd. were: Axel Linstaedt, Johnny Fickert, Uli Ruppert, Rolf Groeschner and Bernd Linstaedt. Playing together since 1961, they came from Modern Jazz to Beat/Pop, at that time as "The Blizzards". In 1965 they worked as backing-band for Roy Black and in 1966 they were No.1 in the "Meet the Beat"-contest of the Bayrischer Rundfunk. Later they made a lot of soundtracks ("Bettelstudent", "O.K.", "Wer im Glashaus liebt") and released 3 records between '69 and'73. They were good musicians and had their moments, but most of the material sounds like "Rent-a-Band".

Meta & The Bowling Boys - A swabian hick town band (here with the