local Hip-goddace meta Eberspächer). They released this as a benefiz-flexi for the Winterhilfswerk on their own "Rosenrot-Schallplatten"-label in early '67. Unbelievable.

Andi Nevison (and his Rhythm Masters) is a mystery. Doesn't sound very German. Big Hit on a big label (UH-huh!); "Indiano" ruled the airwaves and the dancefloors in this part of the country for a wek or two. This little monster still sends shivers down my spine. Watch out, Lord Sutch!

Malepartus II: Big Label, no hit. He was our very own Napoleon XIV and they came to take him away after this two-sided proof of insanity. If you speak German, you know where he came from, if not, don't bother learning, his rap comes in Hessian.

Novaks Kapelle: Comes from Austria, we have to admit. But Vienna's wild men are too weird to be left out, so we stretch the border a bit. Best known for the scandal, the pornographic cover of their '78 album 'Naked' provoked, they were: Helge Thor, Erwin Novak, Peter Travnicek and Walla Mauritz. How they managed to get away with "Hypodermic Needle" in '68 remains a mystery. (Label Amadeo)