Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium Vol.9
"A Double Shot Of Pandas And Their Cycle- Deliric Underbeat"
(Record 2)

1 The Wild Gentlemen
Why Can't You Be
2 The Major Shouts
Gammlin' Girl
3 Tony Ritchie
Comin' On Strong
4 The Robots
Soldier Beat
5 The Rippers
Night At The Lagoone
6 The Steadtfasts
Girl Be Steadfast
7 The Echo-Sounds
You Must Be Joking
8 The Empty C
Porky's Blues
9 The Rag Dolls
He Has Gone

Side RED

Wonderland 1
Thursday's Children 2
Hey Hey   
League 66 3
Happened 11:23 p.m   
The Shaggys 4
Adam & Eve & The Hush 5
The Batmen 6
The Batman   
St. James' 7
Hide & Seek 8
The Beggar of St.Pair   
The Torturers 9
Ju Ju Hand