Welcome back to another collection of unexpected artefacts from the ancient germanic underworld. In order to save your money (and our nerves), we decided to put out a double pack and call it number nine, number nine, number nine... (thanks John, but kkeep resting in peace...).

Initially intended to be a 2-for-the-price-of-1 kind of thing, we soon had to realize that the costs for pressing vinyl have reached a depressing peak (!?!). But as we still rather make friends than money, it will go out for a moderate wholesale price and should reach you considerably cheaper than two seperate volumes.

As you may know, this project is dedicated to various aspects of the teutonic 60's sound (Not all! There has been about as much rubbish around as there is today). Don't expect 37 Pretty Things-clones or 97 minutes of acid leaking psychedelia. Four sides loaded to the limit will hopefully offer a lot to every taste, so use your mind expander. In favour of a decent sound quality we've left away some great, but awfully sizzling sides, hoping to find reasonable copies for future volumes. But don't worry - it's a surface noise time again!