The Cavemen
Why open with a song that's been covered over and over again? Listen and you'll see. No one ever dared playing guitar on a Hendrix tune like this Neandertalmen from Bad Homburg-prototype primitivism with slightly altered "lyrics" from an aptly named band. "Excuse me while I kiss that guy..." (People talkin' but they just don't know and the wind cries ouch).

The Ragged Men
This fuzzy stomper on the flip of a decent version of "Take This Hammer" is the finest moment of ... err... well, this single on the Patria-label seems to be sole sign of life of the Ragged Men. Philosophical views (peeps?) at topic No. 1 lead to the conclusion "I want new lovers here of the careless kind". Yeah, man , those were the days before safer sex!

The Shaggys
Ah, the band that started it all! In fact, it was the irresistible charm of kindergarten-bands like Rene & The 10 Less 5, Ric & The Skyliners, Magic Herbs or Wild Cats that pushed us to the urge of sharing results of our plastic archaelogy with the rest of the world (yes, wrong planet, admittedly). The Shaggys' first 7" always was top of the bill (see # 1 and 2). Rumours of a second single brought us quite a hard time, until we finally tracked it down. Like The Ragged Men's record, it came out on Patria,