formerly known as - or offspring of - the R & B-label. While "O.K." sounds like Roy Orbison on laughing gas, "I'm shy" features the immortal line "You know it's hard to say, because I'm many shy". How can they say that there's no German sense of humour.

Mike Warner & The New Stars
Mike also was backed by The Shatters from Stuttgart for a while. This may (or not) be a hint.Though released on a major, Mike's LP was hardly bought with all the exciting new British stuff in competition and the notorious lack of cash in the pockets of us kids. It's many, many rare and expensive nowadays - and a bit overestimated, due to this fact. A great record for 1964, but a collection of cover versions. The most clever and astonishing choice was Dave Berry's "Don't Give Me No Lip". If you're not a hard core British R & B freak and still this one sounds familiar, check your Sex Pistols bootlegs.

The Kentuckys
While back in '66, the generation in question wasn't "my"generation, but "theirs", where do we belong to 30 years later? Lost in time, perhaps, but still refusing to join the stupid generation (knock on wood!). This slap in the face of the (Wuppertal) establishment is the flip of "Old Hangman Is Dead"(# 3). You'll find "Uncle Willy" on Pebbles 24 and "5$ And Saturday