psychedelic track called "Who Knows".

The Sheapes
Not much known. Legasthenix of the year. Recorded live in '65 a the Star Club. They later recorded a 7" for Swiss label Layola, but reportedly played a lot in Denmark. Hazy fog of mist, but we're working on it... (And please Mr. Phantom, stop doing the Watusi stomp in your bedroom while recording master tapes!)

Didi & The ABC Boys
Specialized in German sung versions of Beatles hits, this Berlin band usually was underestimated and, like their brothers-in-fate, Drafi & The Magics, filed under "Schlagers" by many. Considering the poor studio standards of '66, their adaption of a great old folk song has tight, sharp production. Most likely they were inspired to give "Greenback Dollar" a try by Barry McGuire's version, a minor hit here in '65.

Novak's Kapelle
Public demand forces us to include the forth and definitely last number that Austria's garage kings recorded for Amadeo in the 60's. Cryptic words from a twisted brain (Oedipus seems to be a kind character in comparison) coupled with acoustic guitars à la "Cocksucker Blues" make