up a totally different, but just fascinating song.

The Slaves
The return of the mighty slaves. Paul and Hannes Fischer, Herbert Radakovic, Charlie Ratzer from Switzerland and Austria respectively and German-born Heinrich Behrends on bass. Their 3 singles are among the all-time greats of European (no, didn't say continental this time) 60's R & B. And while "Your The Only One" argueably is their sixth best side only, it still stands tall above a lot of others' complete repertoire.

The Spoon
Straight from the asylum. Nothing to do with Hippies and/or Soul. "Kisuaheli War Chant" might be more appropriate. A private pressing found in Frankfurt.(But who brought it to our planet?)

The Counts
Another empty page in the book. Typical German Beat. You get what you deserve...(and, yes, we'll keep you informed soon as...)

The Jay Five
Recorded for Cornet. Quite a lot and terrible rubbish most of it. 4 LPs and a couple of singles with just two good ones on the profit account. "In My