Dreams" takes off like a Paisley Pop classic that could crumble some rubbles to dust, when suddenly the old disease breaks through and you get a taste of the usual Jay Five-sound for half a minute. In a dramatically narrow escape they take the curve just in time to get back on the right track again.Their other recommended song is called "It's Raining". Pouring sweat, I guess.

Ian & The Zodiacs
Liverpool, of course. One of the earliest and most hard working Mersey band hardly left any impression back home. They contributed some songs to the now famous Oriole "Mersey Beat" compilation in '63, but found life much easier in Germany soon after. ThreeLPs and numerous singles for the Star Club label show a "development" from Mersey Beat to Blue Eyed Soul. Moderate Sound, moderate looks, no scandals. Always on the safe side, always on the bill. A nice surprise, and hardly representative for the style of the band, is this '66 German-only 7", a mixture of pop and almost punky hard stuff. Paul Revere & The Raiders aren't too far away.

The Subjects
This isn't the band that recorded the great, sick "German Measels" single. In fact, we're not even sure that they had any releases in Germany, as "Headlines" was found on a Hungarian sampler called "International