Beat".But - Krautrock fans,this one'sfor you - they undoubtedly are the Munich group that changed name to Subject Esq. and ended up as Sahara in 1974. The song was written by Michael Hoffmann and a most unusual organ (dare I say) solo, great as it is, gives you anidea about what the guy was doing soon as he could afford to buy a truck load of moogs and mellotrons.

Gerhard Dlugi
Yes and how many versions of "Gloria" must some people stand, before they're forever banned? Yeah, right, and we promise not to do it again. But there still are a handful of native speakers interested in ancient German Liedgut and we guess it's our duty to give this forgotten pearl of teutonic spontaneous poetry on the Duo label a second chance. In typical Kraut masochism, our balladeer meets quite a liberated Gloria, telling him to fuck off. Wonder what Mr. Morrison would think about that. Sic transit gloria mundi...

Wild Gentlemen
With all those bands claiming to be gentlemen, it's hard to lose control. These guys, though releasing records on German labels, probably are of Swiss origin."Why Can't You Be" is a clever mix of Rhythm and Beat based on the "Smokestack Lightning"-riff.