The Shouts
Also known as Major Shouts for a while, but that's about all we have found out.Definitely a German group with no relations to the UK-Shouts that recorded a single for the React label.

Toni Ritchie
The story of this record is a remarkable odyssey. Tony Ritchie and Del Spence were a songwriter team closely connected with Sorrows producer Miki Dallon. Dallon licensed most of his products with considerable success to Deutsche Vogue for release in Germany. Unlike other majors, Vogue's policy was to throw all kinds of everything at the wall, hoping that something will keep sticking. Hundreds of one-offs led to a couple of surprise hits. Soon Dallon was given order to write and produce songs exclusively for the German market. In this case however, Morbus Alzheimer mixed up the mail and the tape went to Crescendo, the US outlet for Dallon's stuff. Having shown good taste by signing The Seeds,Crescendo knew a good guitar solo when they heard one and published this 7" with note label saying especially made for German company. Anyway, the now defunct Vogue never got the tape back and we take the chance a mere 30 years later to give the poor thing what it deserves. A German release.