The Robots
When Polydor dropped The Robots after one flopped single (see # 7), they picked up pieces, recorded the comparatively heavier "Soldier Beat and released it on the totally unknown Ursus label to the same result. And this most likely was it for The Robots, but as this second sign of life comes as a big surprise to those who thought they knew all about obscure 60's plastic (i.e. us)..., who knows

The Rippers
Like The Blackbirds, The Rippers recorded an LP for the Opp label. Opp cooperated with Saga in England. In order to save money, the whole edition in both cases was pressed in the UK and distributed in each country seperately. As covers and labels have "Made in Great Britain" printed on, these records often are mistaken for UK-only releases. The Rippers' LP "Honesty" is a mediocre mish-mash of Soul-Beat you needn't lose sleep about. "Night At The Lagoone" stands out like you'd take the Matterhorn to Holland. And by the way, this is not The Rippers that recorded the quite disgusting Global single "Rape".