The Steadfasts
Probably from Bavaria, The Steadfasts are known among collectors for their '66 CCA single. You can find it on "Visions From The Past # 4". While the mighty beaver doesn't seem to like the band's private-press debut very much, to us "Girl Be Steadfast" sounds superior. But as you meanwhile know, we've got a bias in favour of all things absurd...

The Echo-Sounds
This driving little stomper with free form sax and guitar solo is one of two 45's The Echo-Sounds made for Populaer Records (You'll find the other one on # 5). With every new club demand even for unknown British bands increased in Germany, and this Scotish band left the highlands to settle down here for a couple of years. A hell of a live act reportedly, but totally unknown and without releases back home.

The Empty C
Possibly mispelled by their record company. (Empty Sea seems to make more sense, but talking about sense may be pretty pointless in this case anyway). This moody epic on adolescense and neverending puberty is a perfect proto-type of what exactly is our definition of Prae-Kraut. Though recorded in the mid/late 60's, it already has all the characteristic