symptoms of what made German underground so strange and special a little later. Unintentionally funny lyrics with wonderous message, bombastic keyboard-dominated arrangement, no melody and it's a bit too long. Hard to get more teutonic than that.

The Rag Dolls
Ah, at last! An all-girl group and a minor sensation among all these girls in the care-age. On first listening you'd bet you hear the mighty Shaggs. (No, not The Shaggys, who are of similar calibre, but male) Just take that incredible off-all-tracks drum break! 1 1/2 chord pling-pling and irresistibly charming out of tune singing show a nearly identical philosophy of the world. And they didn't have the slightest clue about their sisters-in-spirit on the other side of the ocean...

Time to put some things straight after their hit "Moscow" appeared on various compilations of British Psychedelia. Wonderland were ex-Rattles Achim Reichel, Frank Dostal, and Dicky Tarrach, ex-Tonic Helmut Franke and (oops!) English-born Les Humphries. (Yes, the one who pestered the airwaves with his tra-la-la singers in Germany in the 70's)"Boomerang", their second single, was recorded in '68 and produced, like most of their